As a company, Travis Industries has a duty to our Employees, Clients, and Community to provide a safe and environmentally responsible workplace. We have a commitment to being responsive to that need, and promoting and providing that type of safe workplace is “step one” in all of the services that we provide. It takes more to deliver on that commitment than just a “Safety First” motto.

Travis Industries has implemented a comprehensive Health, Safety, and Environmental program that provides the foundational guidance, procedures, and policies for the safe and responsible delivery of the services offered by the company. We follow that foundation with training, both in the classroom and the jobsite, in effort to educate and apply those safe work principles in action. Perhaps most importantly, we encourage and empower our team members to actively participate in their own safety in the workplace by identifying, controlling, and eliminating potential hazards on their jobsite.

Injuries and occupational illness are almost always preventable.  In effort to eliminate those risks, our Employees receive initial orientation training, regular weekly safety topic training, task-specific training, and site-specific training in effort to identify and understand the hazards present in their work. We will work together to continuously improve our program by identifying and implementing best practices to provide service delivered safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements.

We recognize the value of the Health, Safety, and Environmental program, and understand that our Employees, Clients, and Community value it too.

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